Dazzling Dragon Studios

Mixed media freelance illustrator

.gif of Dazzle the Dragon hovering in midair while working on a piece. She sticks her tongue out in determination.

!!!BREAKING NEWS!!! Furry artist caught masquerading as a noodle dragon on the internet. Hi, that's me, I'm Dazzle!I'm a part-time illustrator who specializes in creature/character designs and portraits. I also dabble in comic art and storyboarding.If you want to support me, you can do so by following some of my socials! I also take commissions, have a tip jar on Ko-fi, and my inbox is always open- just be nice!

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Commission Prices

Terms of Service


Yes!!! Humanoids, anthros, creatures, IRL animalsAsk... Gore, suggestive/mature themes, mech/machineNo!!! Hate speech, sexually explicit content, IRL peopleFor more detail, refer to this document

The client is expected to pay in full before I start their commission. Direct purchase on Ko-fi is preferred, but not required. I am always happy to invoice the client via PayPal or Stripe.


Cancellations & Refunds

The client may cancel a commission and receive a full refund up to 48 hours after receipt of payment. If the client chooses to cancel after this grace period has expired, they may receive a partial refund, the amount thereof based on the current stage of their commission.I additionally reserve the right to revoke my services at any point during the commission process. If I choose to exercise this right, the client will receive a full refund.Completed and delivered work is non-refundable.

Commissions are licensed for personal use and may be stored, copied, shared, edited, etc. by the client for any such purpose. The client may not use their commission commercially without my written consent.


The client will receive an update at each major stage throughout the drawing process, resulting in 2-3 updates prior to delivery. These are opportunities for the client to request reasonable corrections, such as to colors, patterns, body shape, etc.Major adjustments, like changing a pose or significant background elements, must be requested at the first update. Once a composition is locked in, I will not be changing it at a later stage.I am happy to make a major adjustment free of charge twice. Large changes after that will incur a $5 fee.



Visual references of the character are required. At least one fullbody image with flat color is preferred.My average turnaround time is 2-4 weeks. If I expect a commission to take longer, I will communicate such with the client.There is no flat fee for extra characters. Each additional character will cost 50-75% of the commission’s base price. Contact me prior to ordering any multiple-character illustration.