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Status: OPEN

✧ - Prices - ✧

Order sketch commissions directly through Ko-fi.

Contact me to discuss ordering any full illustration.


Regular Sketch15 USD20 USD25 USD
Limited Color Sketch*20 USD25 USD30 USD
Full Color sketch30 USD35 USD40 USD

*Colors available: red, blue, purple, light brown, and dark green

Add-onReg. / Limited SketchFull Color Sketch
Extra Character+10 USD+15 USD
Complex Background+15 USD+20 USD

Full Illustrations

Medium6 x 9 in.9 x 12 in.11 x 14 in.Unit Price per Square Inch
Charcoal40 USD80 USD115 USD0.75 USD / square inch
Graphite55 USD108 USD155 USD1.00 USD / square inch
Watercolor67 USD135 USD192 USD1.25 USD / square inch
Gouache81 USD162 USD231 USD1.50 USD / square inch
Extra Character+ %50 total base price / +$5 at 3rd character+
Complex Background+ %75 total base price

✧ -Terms of Service - ✧

You agree to my Terms of Service upon payment for any art commission. Read through it thoroughly and don't hesitate to ask questions if you feel any terms are unclear.

Commission Terms of Service

✧ - Forward - ✧

Any individual (hereafter referred to as "the client") choosing to commission Dazzling Dragon Studios (hereafter referred to in the first person) agrees to the below terms and conditions.

Failure to abide by these terms of service will result in the cancellation of the agreement and consequently any exchange of goods and services between myself and the client.

Will / Won't Draw

Any Safe-for-work contentGore, violence, artistic nudityPornography or fetish art


I never start without payment up front.
I am happy to craft payment plans requiring 25-50% down for larger commissions.
I accept PayPal and Stripe.
Over PayPal, I only accept payment through Goods and Services.


Shipping is optional. All commissions up to 11 x 14 inches in size include a scanned .JPEG and/or .PNG file delivered by email.
Commissions are shipped 2-3 business days after completion and approval. Digital copies are emailed within 1 business day of completion, approval, and receipt of the client's email address.
I ship worldwide. Fees vary. Please ask me directly about shipping for more details.
Commissions are mailed through USPS and include tracking.
If a commission fails to reach the client or arrives damaged, they may contact me with details and I will refund the shipping fee.

Use of Artwork

Commissioned art is licensed for personal use only.

Client May:Client May Not:
Display commissions publicly / repost on social mediaRepost on Patreon / otherwise repost behind paywalls for profit
Crop or edit for non-profitable useCrop or edit for any profitable use
Print or otherwise reproduce artwork for personal purposes, ie. print on a t-shirt or have art tattooed on one's selfReprint or mass-reproduce for profit / commercial purposes

The above terms are negotiable. The client may contact me to discuss commercial licensing for commissioned work.


A full refund will be provided if myself or the client cancels the commission before it is started. Following the first WIP approval, however, only partial refunds will be available. the exact amount depends on how close the commission is to completion.

Not Started1/2 finished (WIPs sent)Complete
100% refund50% refundNo refund

Most commissions are started 3 business days after ordering.


Most orders are delivered within 2 weeks of ordering. The client will be updated if I expect a commission to take longer. I do not accept rush commissions.
If the client posts their own commissioned art, credit given to me as the original artist is appreciated but not required. However, the client may not, under any circumstances, claim that they themselves created the artwork.
By commissioning me, the client confirms they have read and agreed to this Terms of Service.


If you have questions or inquiries, please send a message my way. Remember to include your contact information- preferably a social media handle like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Contact me on Discord by messaging Dazzle#4202, or fill out the form below to send an email. Thank you!